Carlo Dell’Amico 1985-1990.
No pure forms, no pure elements.

Monza 18.05.2021 • 26.06.2021

> mar-ven / 10-13 / 15.30-19

The personal exhibition of the artist Carlo Dell’Amico curated by Lorenzo Fiorucci, open at Montrasio Arte, Monza. The exhibition is articulated through a selection of 16 works, focusing on those that range from the mid 80’s to the 90’s – these models will remain during the artist’s career suspended in potential, but cyclically present in research and in recent installations. The geometry that defines bodies in the surfaces and the tension predisposed to an achievement are, for the artist, combinatorial acts in which the moment of knowledge must become a “threshold”, the place of an imaginary experience between sleep and wakefulness. These surfaces unfold an alphabet that recaptures the icons of a new spiritual sentiment, overlapping optical perception and metaphysical vision by capturing anticlassic ideas linked to Center-Italian anthropology. Among the most important themes of Carlo Dell’Amico are anonymous and silent architectures or structures evoked through composite elements of shaped canvases painted with oxides and clay. The enigma of their becoming and the geometry that define them, support the vision of “rooms” derived from observation in particular of the perspectives of Etruscan hypogea, that can be seen as ancient space generator modules. To highlight the symbol is a recurrent outline of a crushed pyramid, overlapped by ceiling’s trusses – repeated one behind the other as the energy of a wave solidified in matter. With these works, the artist gives us the ancient space of the myth, in which the concept of threshold is constantly mined and the questioning of reality rests on the fragmentary plurality of the world.